married, father of two, Houstonian, accountant, entrepreneur, philosopher, clergyman, book and coffee fanatic


health, deep conversations, reading, community, nature


Ego is the Enemy (Ryan Holiday), Muqadimah (Ibn Khaldun), Essentialism (Gregg McKeown)



Khalis has has held management, accounting and finance roles for almost two decades. A businessman at heart, Khalis has owned companies in various industries. Some of these endeavors he established while working in corporate and attending night school for MBA graduate studies. Khalis enjoys juggling many projects and endeavors simultaneously and have done so consistently for years. Khalis values discipline, integrity and most of all a strong work ethic. Khalis has also taught and provided entrepreneurship and personal finance curriculum for some of Houston's inner city schools and non profit organizations focused on entrepreneurship and economic development. Professional bio can be accessed from LinkedIn.